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Converdia's Commitment

At Converdia Health Staffing we help YOU build the career of YOUR dreams. We are committed to working with you to explore the endless opportunities within the healthcare field. Whether you aim to explore new places, pick up PRN shifts to earn a little extra or make an impact where you’re needed most, we can find the right match for you.

If your dream is to travel, we have assignments across the country. You can serve a community in need while traveling and exploring new areas. Let us find a place for you!

If your goal is to supplement your income or have a flexible work schedule, we can help you with that as well.

We offer short-term and long-term positions for nurses, allied staff and physicians. Because Converdia cares, we work diligently to connect quality candidates with healthcare facilities to positively impact communities in need. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Mission

To build bridges between healthcare professionals and facilities to positively impact communities in need.

Our Core Values

Trust. Integrity. Service. Relationships.
The Emerging Business of the Year 2021

Meet Our Team

Brian Rahman

President and Owner

“What’s the word?” – our fearless leader. Brian is the president and owner of Converdia Health Staffing. Converdia has been a vision of Brian’s since the ripe age of 24 years old. He has dedicated his life to strong relationships with nursing, allied and physician professionals. His recruiting style is unmatched as he recruits everywhere he goes, including grocery stores, on top of mountains and the “occasional” blackjack table. When he’s not in the office, you will find Brian on the lake, spending time with his family and “guarding the couch.” They say culture starts at the top, that’s why we never go hungry – “food pusher” has been awarded to Brian as a nickname. Work hard, play harder is his mantra. All jokes aside, Brian has created a fast, successful business where the bar is always raised.

Braden Rahman

Recruiter/Travel Lead

Eat, sleep, breathe, golf. We’ll get to golf later. Braden is our Lead Travel guru; he specializes in finding the most qualified candidates for the most sought out travel assignments. He’s also the “go-to” IT guy. Outside of work Braden enjoys lake days, watching sports and leaving work “a little early” for golf. We know never to approach Braden until two cups of coffee have been demolished and/or before 8:30am. He is a true first employee to the Converdia Health Staffing team, building the company from the ground up since 2019. He is knowledgeable, laid back and has tremendous dedication to helping healthcare professionals find perfect assignments. His dedication is easily equivalent to his golf game. The Converdia team wouldn’t be whole without him!


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Cody Rahman

Recruiter/Allied Lead

Meet our “Mr. Nice Guy.”   Hard work and great conversations go hand in hand with his approach to recruiting.  No question is left unanswered.   He goes above and beyond to ensure that clinicians find the “best fit”.   Cody is one of our senior recruiters and lead for allied health as well as the Sioux Falls Branch Manager.  When he’s not recruiting, you might find him at the lake, on the rink, field or course, or tending to his varieties of hot peppers.  Don’t challenge him to a spicy food contest because he will win.  Consider yourself lucky if you get a sample of his homemade salsa from his ghost pepper garden.    Because he cares, our team is stronger with him on it.  His strong recruiting background adds value to Converdia and its successes.


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Hailey Crosswhite

Recruiter/Per Diem Lead

Meet Hailey, our PRN Lead Queen/Office DJ. Here at Converdia Health Staffing, Hailey manages and staff’s multiple client facilities, manages her team and is always problem solving. When Hailey’s not hunting you down to fill open per diem shifts, she is at the animal shelter, attending concerts or at the dog park with her furry four-legged companion, Dex. One would think someone who does all this work would run out of energy? Hailey’s always full of life, minus right away in the morning. We have learned to let her have a few sips of her daily red bull before we throw things her way! She is an enormous asset to the Converdia team. We don’t know what we would do without her!


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Jessica Rahman

Business Office Manager

We have a few queens in the office, but Jessica reigns Queen Bee. She keeps everyone in line when it comes to onboarding, Joint Commission standards and payroll. The only complaint you’ll hear from her is soreness from the previous CrossFit workout. She enjoys being with family, painting/crafting and sunsets at the lake. She gets her drive from coaching women’s basketball for 20+ years. Jessica is the night owl of the office as we often receive emails after 9pm. Her willingness to wear many hats for Converdia to succeed is irreplaceable!

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Megan O'Shea

Human Resources Specialist

Buddy the Beagle…(not Buddy the Elf)… is Megan’s favorite walking buddy.   When she’s not walking with Buddy you will find her with her hands in the dirt taking care of plants or making flower bouquets.   She is the flower expert on our team!!   Actually, when it comes down to it…..she is an expert on many things.  Just ask her about resume writing and all things human resources.  She has helped craft policy & procedure manuals, press releases and her detailed emails are notorious!  Megan is meticulous and organized in her approach to compliance and onboarding which is key as the human resource specialist.   Her expertise is invaluable and we are so thankful to have her on our team!

Tara Anderson


“Excellence is in the details” G.L. Sullivan’s quote describes Tara to a “T”. She has been a topnotch addition to the HR team at Converdia. Her meticulous attention to detail is so important to her role. With a background in law and experience in healthcare, she’s a perfect fit as a Human Resource Specialist. But, Tara is not all just about work, she loves spending time with family and friends, lake time, traveling and reading. When she isn’t calculating time, auditing personnel files or keeping us up to date on evaluations, you’ll find her hiking in the crisp fall air taking in the beauty of the fall colors or cuddling with her fur babies on movie night.

Kaylee Wiese

Human Resources Specialist

Meet Kaylee, the master of efficiency and guru extraordinaire of HR. She is the ultimate team player always willing to lend a helping hand in the office and through her volunteering in the community. Kaylee thrives in the high paced environment in healthcare staffing, but when she’s not at work you’ll find her hiking somewhere, anywhere, especially on the west coast. This globetrotting traveler certainly lives out the motto of the company – “work hard, play hard”. There is a strong alignment between her personal values and the company values of trust, integrity, relationships, and service. She goes out of her way to help the Converdia team reach the ultimate goal of serving others and the community.

Nikita Hunt


Who Dey, who dey, who dey say Nikita will be successful in finding the best placement for her clinicians? We say! Nikita comes to Converdia with recruiting experience in the world of travel nursing. She loves the hustle and bustle of the recruiting role. When she’s not connecting nurses with a great work opportunity, she is cheering on the Bengals and dreaming of traveling to far off places and exploring new spaces. Travel tips are welcome, especially if you’ve been to Jamaica which is on her bucket list. As a Bengal fan, Nikita is “ready to roar” as a recruiter and we are excited to have her as a part of our team.

Erica Finley


Colorful leaves, warm days, cool nights and the sounds of tractors and combines at work…..what do all of these things have in common?  They paint a picture of Erica’s favorite time of year! Growing up on the family farm, her memories of the Fall harvest are simply the best.  Whether it’s time at the farm or spending some well-deserved down-time at the lake, family and friends are always involved.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Erica and her husband love to experience the great outdoors and trail ride on their well-worn Polaris RZR. Erica’s love for a bold adventure doesn’t just stop at the trails though. She’s hoping to one day venture to Alaska, Galapagos Islands, Scandinavia… though the RZR might not be able to fit in her luggage.

This absolute spirit of adventure is what makes Erica a great recruiter. She’s always working hard to find clinicians the perfect fit for their next best adventure!

Jasmine Washington

HR Assistant

The friendly face that greets you in the office is Jasmine.  A person with many talents….she can assist you with all things “compliance” and credentialing. The way she answers the phone is an art form.  How can a person be that cheerful and patient?  I guess because she loves helping people.  Her years of working as a CNA serves her well in her new role at Converdia.  Watch out for her secret competitive streak!  She really likes to win, whether it’s a game of Kahoot or a gingerbread house contest.  Its simple…..being the best (her best) is important to her.  She certainly fits right in at Converdia as our mission is to be the best at serving communities and helping others.

Ryan Slette


Part adrenaline junkie and part nature enthusiast, Ryan’s bucket list includes skydiving, an African safari, and shark fishing in the Florida Keys.  He has already caught a 500 lb shark in Maine, so deep sea fishing a little farther south will certainly happen.  Outside of fishing, Ryan loves the Fall season with hunting, fishing and spending quality time with friends and family.  As a travel nurse recruiter, he will hunt for the opportunities that allow you to go out and “catch” your dream job.  Finding that perfect match for someone is an adrenaline rush. In order to make that happen, hard work is involved, and Ryan puts in the work! He is a recruiter who is in your corner working diligently to help you achieve your career goals and have fun traveling at the same time.  Helping others is what Ryan and Converdia Health Staffing is all about.

Bryan Beckedahl

Recruiter/Allied Lead

Life experiences and connection to purpose often lead a person into their calling in life.  Experiencing chondrosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and re-learning to walk due to several hip surgeries has forever connected Bryan to health and the world of healthcare.  With years of experience in radiology and allied health, Bryan Beckedahl, lead allied recruiter, is a great resource for allied healthcare professionals.  At Converdia we know a healthy life means pursuing what brings a person joy.  Bryan loves the energy that the fall season brings with all the colors and fresh cool air.  He loves to hunt, camp and fish.  Cooking is most definitely a hobby and passion, especially Asian cuisine.  And photography of incredible places is on his bucket list.  Someday, pictures of a Safari Trip or the Great Barrier Reef will be a part of his portfolio.  Bryan is destined to connect with other allied professionals who are looking to make a difference.  Reach out.  He will listen to you and help you achieve your dreams and find your calling.

Grant Bockelman

VP of Business Development

Fall is the perfect season!  It’s not too hot and its not too cold.  And, there’s no better way to celebrate fall than with football!  As a part of Husker Nation, The Bockelman household is proud to cheer on their favorite team.  Go Big Red!!  They also treasure time together outdoors shooting hoops, hitting golf balls, chillin’ and grillin’.   Devotion and dedication is something Grant knows a little bit about.  It serves him well in life including his professional life.  As the Vice President of Business Development, Grant’s years of experience and many connections in the healthcare staffing industry will propel our team to greater heights.  He knows how to “get the job done” and his wealth of knowledge will be a driving force to make things happen.    Speaking of that, someday, Pearl Harbor and The Great Pyramid in Egypt will be places Grant and his wife can check off their bucket list because when he sets his mind to something, he will achieve it.

Tasia Ross


Who doesn’t love a day of relaxation at the spa and being spoiled with a pedicure and massage.  As a mother of two, Tasia Ross certainly deserves a spa day (and a Crumbl Cookie)!   But, like most mom’s, life is busy doing fun activities with the kiddos & family BBQ’s as well as being a top-notch recruiter at Converdia.  As one who believes she can learn and do whatever she puts her mind to, her move to recruiter has been a successful one.  Tasia’s years of experience as a CNA gives her a great perspective on what travelers are looking for and she won’t stop until she finds the right fit for her team members.  Anyone would be lucky to have her as their recruiter because she truly believes the only way to fail is to stop trying.  Determination is the name of the game.  With this outlook on life, there is no doubt she will visit all 50 states (already at 39), Italy and Egypt.  If she puts her mind to it, it will get done.